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I want to set up an webhook from our Github account so it automatically starts an deployment task in OpsWorks. It seems to be possible according to the documentation - but can't find any examples or smart lib which is unusual for the Internets. ;)

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This process is much simpler now. All you have to do is provide the required values per the Webhook, and it will be done for you. opsworks webhook details

Steps :

  1. GitHub repository -> Settings
  2. Webhooks & Services
  3. AWS Opsworks
  4. Provide AWS::IAM keys, Stack and App ID , and branch you want to deploy.

Be aware that by this process you deploy a specific app to ALL the layers in a stack. This means that if you have custom layers with ruby, they will also deploy the specific app to those layers too. Useful for worker layer, however, increased deployment time when you have multiple rails apps in different layers.

Ensure that your user has proper permissions to deploy on the specific stack. enter image description here

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Small addition to Imran answer: now on github it called Integration & Services.

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